Services and Pricing Structure

Services and prices are subject to change.

Research Computing is a unit of the Research Technology Office of KED.  
Research Computing supports research and instructional activities for ASU and follows the mission of KED and ASU.

Table Of Services

Project Based Storage

High-speed storage directly mounted to our HPC Clusters.

ProtocolsPurposeFree Starting AmountCost per additional
TB per year
Project-based Storage40GBNFS to the cluster,
Globus DTN
Long term project file storage100GB$50

Notes about Storage

  • Users may purchase project storage by submitting ticket or by emailing
  • HPC research groups can receive a 100GB directory mounted directly on our cluster for free by submitting a ticket or by emailing
  • Customer purchased or managed storage arrays are not allowed.

Physical Server Co-Location

Server Size

Cost for
One Year

(per server)

Network Connections included
1U$7001x 1Gb copper
2U$7501x 1Gb copper
3U$8001x 1Gb copper
4U$9001x 1Gb copper

Please contact Research Computing (RC) for greater than 4U through
a ticket request or by emailing

Notes about Co-Location

  • Additional Network Connections above 1GB are available please contact Research Computing for more details.
  • Physical co-location servers are un-managed by Research Computing.  That is the servers must be managed by the customer and must include timely security updates. 
  • Failure to apply patches will result in the system being taken offline.

Virtual Machines

VM SizevCPUMemory DiskCost per YearNetwork Connections

1x 1Gb

Standard48GB250GB$9501x 1Gb
Large816GB500GB$12501x 1Gb
XL1632GB1000GB$21001x 1Gb

Please contact Research Computing (RC) with inquiries by submitting a ticket request or by emailing

Notes about Virtual Machines:

  • Additional network connections, vCPU, memory, and disk may be available separately.
  • The base OS is installed, windows or Linux
  • All licensed software must be purchased by the customer (including any windows licenses)
  • Virtual machines (VM) are un-managed by Research Computing. The VM must be managed by the customer and must include timely security updates. 
  • Failure to apply patches will result in the system being taken offline.
  • Please contact Research Computing (RC) by submitting a ticket request or by emailing

HPC Private Partitions

ASU Research Computing (ASURC) will support faculty purchased vendor hardware within the Agave high-performance cluster, including supplying rack space, power, cooling, and networking. Faculty can purchase from a set of pre-approved compute nodes (see below). These nodes are created into a private partition on the cluster that is available to the faculty member and supporting group.

Idle private partitions will be open to use by the ASU community through the wildfire queue.  Jobs submitted to the wildfire queue on private partitions will be guaranteed to run without preemption for a period of at least 4 hours. Private partitions may be reserved by the owning faculty for immediate priority access for up to three 1-week periods per year.

ASURC will support faculty purchased hardware for as long as feasible; however, beyond the warranty period of the hardware, the faculty is responsible for any hardware and labor costs necessary to maintain the hardware. If beyond the warranty period, Research Computing deems that it is not technically feasible to support hardware, it will be removed from the cluster.

Dell Pre-Approved Compute Nodes

Compute Node Types

ProcessorCore CountRAMGPUPrice
Standard IntelIntel Cascade Lake52 cores192GBN/A$9,555.87
High MemoryIntel Cascade Lake52 cores1,536GBN/A$20,801.46
GPU Option 1Intel Cascade Lake52 cores192GB(4) 16GB V100$37,242.80

GPU Option 2

Intel Cascade Lake52 cores192GB(4) 32GB V100$43,331.73
Standard AMD AMD EPYC64 cores256GBN/A$11,450.04

Notes about Pre-Approved Compute Nodes:

  • Additional changes and quotes can be generated upon a request to the ticket system or by emailing
  • Compute nodes used for research are available for tax-exempt status