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Important Updates to Policy and Usage:

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Sol Supercomputer

Sol Highlights

  • 18,000+ CPU cores using the modern AMD Epyc architecture
  • Nodes with 512GB of RAM
  • Over 244 GPUs (including A30s, 80GB A100s and 80GB H100s) 
  • Five high memory nodes with 2TB of memory

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Phoenix Supercomputer

Coming Soon!

Important Dates and Times

Office Hours via Zoom

Office hours are currently held via Zoom (password 021208) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (Wednesdays during the academic semester, only) from 1 PM to 3:30 PM Arizona local time.  Users who join will be split into a private chat room with one of our experts to ensure confidentiality.

Semester Schedule (2024-2025)

Spring: Tuesday and Wednesday from 1-3:30 p.m. over Zoom (January 9, 2024 through May 10, 2024)

Summer: Tuesday from 1-3:30 p.m. over Zoom (May 13, 2024 through August 23, 2024)

Fall: Tuesday and Wednesday from 1-3:30 p.m. over Zoom (August 26, 2024 through December 6, 2024)

Winter: Tuesdays from 1-3:30 p.m. over Zoom (December 9, 2024 through January 10, 2025)

Please note that office hours will be canceled for the following dates:

  • March 5 and 6, 2024 due to maintenance of the Sol and Agave supercomputers.

Educational Opportunities and Workshops

Summer 2024

AI Ignition: Fueling Your Knowledge, Zoom, June 2024 (Date and Additional Details Coming Soon!) - View our current program and sign up for updates here.