The Arizona Secure Research Environment (ASRE) is a FISMA/HIPAA-aligned, secure computing environment designed for sensitive or regulated work. Documentation under this section is specific to the ASRE computing environment only and is not pertinent to using the Agave supercomputer. At this time ASRE does not include high performance computing (HPC) functionality and is intended for low CPU-load work only. Users of the ASU Research Computing supercomputers do not have ASRE access by default. 

Requesting Access to ASRE

Access to the ASRE computing environment must be requested by emailing Prior to requesting access to ASRE, users must complete ASU HIPAA training before access will be granted. Please note that training must be renewed annually, otherwise accounts will be locked. New tenants or projects on the ASRE system will be required to provide department billing codes as ASRE services are fee-based. Please contact support at to further discuss service fees. 

Additional access information is provided below:

  • Users who wish to gain access to an existing project/tenant will need approval from the existing tenant/project owner.

  • If a tenant/project owner has asked you to request access, please provide the owner’s name to help expedite your request